Free shit giveaway

I’m trying to get rid of stuff I rarely use or stuff I try to stop using. Like this coffee machine that produces a little bit of plastic waste for every single coffee cup I drink. In recent years I’ve become more aware of the amount of trash I produce, and I’m trying to live a more minimalistic lifestyle. Not saying I’ll completely get rid of everything, but at least buy less stuff I don’t need and avoid producing waste. Instead of this coffee machine I’ll buy big (preferably paper) bags of whole beans I grind up and put into my stove-top espresso maker. Not only is it better for the environment, but it feels much more like a craft and higher quality.

I usually put everyting up on for a reasonable price if it’s sorta valuable, and other stuff I’ll give away for free if people come pick it up. But I find that stuff goes a lot faster if the photo is nice. That’s why I put a little bit (but not too much) effort into photographing my things. Lighting here is spot lights from the ceiling.