#postworkout #mirrorselfie

Just finished lifting. Every day is leg day! Did my own body weight in squats: 87,5kg 5×5, slowly increasing 2,5kg for every time. I’m home for a little bit having a small bite to eat before I head to the business league floor ball thingy tonight. Thinking about doing progress pics once or twice a month to see.. my progress. I also need to clean my mirror. Also, the quality of the photos this last week has been nothing but sub par happysnaps. Need to step up my photo game too.

Coca-Cola Love/Hate Relationship

I stopped buying soda a couple of years ago and dropped 16 kilos my first year (but also thanks to working out more and generally being more active), but I haven’t stopped drinking this delicious brew. Not gonna get a sixpack unless I stop myself from indulging myself with these sugary treats. Water is still my drink of choice though. Good thing we have good quality tap water here in Norway. Today I’m celebrating my friend’s daughter who’s 7 years old today! The chocolate cake had a lot more calories though, and I had two slices. Damnit fitness goals!


Believe me, I was going to photograph this bowl of popcorn just as it was freshly made. Then I started eating and forgot all about it. Having a popcorn machine is way better than those microwave ones as it’s pure corn. I usually pop them in a lot of butter and add salt for taste though, but at least I know how much. I have a feeling the microwave ones have a lot of added shit in them. Also, less waste. Popcorn machine from clas ohlson.


Rushing to the metro when I see a lot of beautiful colours with the leaves on the ground and whatnot. Take my camera from my bag only to realize I didn’t bring a battery. Take this with my phone thinking “fuck it” and continue to the metro.


Had a day off, so went down to the tip of Aker Brygge to test my ND1000-filter with the water. This is a four minute exposure at f/22 and ISO100. Makes me want to suit up in trekking gear and walk along the Norwegian west coast this winter. But I don’t have that much wildlife experience, so I’d better start out doing short one day trips around Oslo.. 😀

Starcraft Broodwar

Buddy Adam and I used to play a lot of Starcraft back in the days when we went to high school together, and sometimes we still go “back to our roots” for a few games. But after playing Starcraft 2, Broodwar is such a drag. Unfortunately, Adam is afraid of changes and sticks to fifteen year old technology! 😀 He has Starcraft 2, but hasn’t been online there for more than four years according to my battle.net friends list.

Bus for train

So I got to the train station in time (working at Holmestrand again), but there is maintenance work going on on the rail tracks, so part of the journey will be by buses instead of the train. No worries, except the buses don’t correspond with the trains, and I had to wait an extra fifteen minutes at a random station. Got to work fifteen minutes late. :/ Photo is from inside bus looking out into the rainy gray autumn landscape.

Lysaker station waiting room

Waiting for the train like a champ at Lysaker. Working in Holmestrand today, and I get there by train. Fridays are allright as I get plenty of time to buy a ticket and maybe a coffee. Saturdays are different as the earliest bus leaving from home gets to the station only five minutes before the train departure. I’ve reached it every single time, but if the bus is late for whatever reason, I miss my train and miss work by an hour.