I’ve been doing a little bit of research on astro photography and capturing the Milky Way lately, so I downloaded some podcasts on my phone and  dressed up in warm clothes and took the metro to Songsvann, just north of the city centre. According to the Light Pollution Atlas, my chances were slim to capture much, but I tried to get as far away from the city as reasonably possible using public transit. From the metro station, I walked another few kilometers to the lake Store Åklungen, put up the tripod and stuff, but was disappointed when I looked on the camera screen what I got. Some stars, but mostly light pollution. Then I took a piss and walked back to Songsvann and shot this before I got on the metro to take me back home again. It was a nice trip though, would trek again.


Had a day off, so went down to the tip of Aker Brygge to test my ND1000-filter with the water. This is a four minute exposure at f/22 and ISO100. Makes me want to suit up in trekking gear and walk along the Norwegian west coast this winter. But I don’t have that much wildlife experience, so I’d better start out doing short one day trips around Oslo.. 😀

Subway line 3 to Montebello

Collapsed on the bed after I got home from work today. Pushed myself to go outside just before midnight to try some long shutter speeds at this trail nearby. Eerie feeling to walk around with no lights on. The horizontal streaks of lights are from the subway crossing a bridge above. This is a 240s exposure @ 3200 ISO and f/2.8. I recently bought a ND1000-filter that would be useless tonight, but will play with it later.