#postworkout #mirrorselfie

Just finished lifting. Every day is leg day! Did my own body weight in squats: 87,5kg 5×5, slowly increasing 2,5kg for every time. I’m home for a little bit having a small bite to eat before I head to the business league floor ball thingy tonight. Thinking about doing progress pics once or twice a month to see.. my progress. I also need to clean my mirror. Also, the quality of the photos this last week has been nothing but sub par happysnaps. Need to step up my photo game too.

Shameless gym selfie

It’s been a month since I sprained my ankle playing floor hockey, so I’ve just gotten back to working out. My ankle is still a little bit swollen, but it doesn’t hurt to put any weight on it. Doing deep squats is a nice way to spend your Sunday, but make sure you post in on social media to prove it! 😉 (For those wondering, I was doing 5×5 of 75 kilos.)

Hashtag fitness

Hashtag fitness has been (and still is) a running joke between me and some friends. I’ve been away from the gym for a little more than three weeks now because of a sprained ankle after playing a game of floor hockey, but went back today for some easy lifting just to test how my ankle was doing. It went surprisingly well! Good to be back. I hate the rowing machine though and only do it for a maximum of ten minutes as a warm-up. Shot with my glorious Honor 7.

My Spotify workout list for the interested.