My first day off in ages, and it’s snowing outside! Slept in for too long. Had planned to go up to Holmenkollen and photograph a self portrait for this 52 week photography challenge and “accidentaly” did last years first week challenge. Anyway, I was gonna photograph myself from higher up on the other side of the stadium with a blue sky and the Oslo fjord in the background, but the weather gods wanted otherwise. I also had some trouble with the remote trigger not reaching very far. Don’t know if it’s because of the weather or something else.. 🙁


Back to Clas Ohlson after a couple of weeks with other work stuff. Nice to be back. Bought some gloves for myself before Christmas, so I’m photographing the reciept in case I get checked by security on my way home tonight.

More train-trash

What makes people put their stinky feet up on the seat in front of them while blasting the brightness of their Macbook on 100%?! At least he bothered to take of his dirty shoes. He wasn’t even doing anything important on the computer, just surfing random “news” sites that survives on click-bait.

Best start.. the new year by photographing this fuse box with some hand soap on top. Crashed at my cousins’ and had the best sleep in a while except for having to pee in the middle of the morning. Got up at around 2pm. Didn’t drink much either, four beers and some wine and aquavit for dinner. Must have been exhausted from all the work in December. Got work again tomorrow. 🙁 No time to chill!

Stare down

Having a stare down with my nephew. He’s using his old Casio camera I got him a few years back. Little does he know he’s about to open up a present with a GoPro in it! 😀 He’s already edited (with some help) a couple of movies already, so hope he can step his game up. Not showing any faces out of respect for my sister and her husband since they don’t really want photos of their kids online.