Me me me

Oslo’s ugliest metro station is called Stortinget since it’s right underneath Stortinget (the Parliament). Recently there have been these big campaigns aimed towards travelers that you should let people off the metro/tram/bus/anything to make room before you try to pry into a packed carriage yourself. Still, people (usually elderly ladies as far as I’m concerned) don’t understand this basic concept and force themselves in. I don’t even feel bad pushing them back if I’m getting off somewhere and they try to do this shit.

Stop the fur industry!

Today was a big rally outside the Norwegian Parliament about trying to stop the fur industry. This has been a thing for many years, but the government is too pussy to do something about it. While fur farmers are probably mostly nice people, saying that you’ll lose your job and income if it gets banned is not a good argument to continue the fur farming. “But how will I make money?” Man the fuck up, you probably have more skills than just slaughtering innocent animals, and you’ll probably get subsidized in the beginning while you reinvent yourself. Just because something is a tradition doesn’t mean it should be.


Happy to see not much have changed locally since yesterday. After a few days of grey weather and snow, the sky is blue and the sun is shining again! Also, I’ve been thinking that this daily photo blog thingy shouldn’t just be about my photos, but maybe a place for reflection about my life in general. A place where I can think out loudly (and publicly for anyone interested). The Donald will be USA’s next president, and there’s not much I can do about that, so I’ll just have to live my life normally and try to improve as best as I can. I don’t like to state too many things without having all the details, but I read this article on Huffington Post that was really chilling.


Woke up today to realize The Donald actually won the election. I guess the creator of (one of my favorite shows) South Park did the same, but still managed to edit their episode to keep up with what had just happened. Just relaxing with some more popcorn while waiting for World War 3 to begin early next year or so. GG Americans, well played!

Pine cone earring

A little bit of photoshop to remove the nylon thread holding this up. Will set up a better studio environment to get the shiny surfaces cleaner. Very messy like this.. 🙂 But the overall look feels good! Will stay up for a few more hours watching this US election play out.. 😮


Sundays are for sleeping in when you work every Saturday. Happy to see I’m below 90kgs today after pooping and before breakfast, which means I did squat more than my bodyweight the other day. Last night the scale was 92 something kilos! 🙂


Train service canceled, so I’m enjoying this view from the bus window. Delays everywhere as people down south don’t know how to winter. Even though snow falls every year, and has been like this for the last, i don’t know.. recorded history, people don’t know how to handle it.