Shameless gym selfie

It’s been a month since I sprained my ankle playing floor hockey, so I’ve just gotten back to working out. My ankle is still a little bit swollen, but it doesn’t hurt to put any weight on it. Doing deep squats is a nice way to spend your Sunday, but┬ámake sure you post in on social media to prove it! ­čśë (For those wondering, I was doing 5×5 of 75 kilos.)


My buddy was “kicked out” of the apartment by his girlfriend and had take their three┬ákids to spend the night with his mother-in-law who just so happened to be my neighbor. The girlfriend was having grown-up fun with her gang while me and my buddy got some nice kebab and played some classic Starcraft Broodwar after the kids had fallen asleep. Good times.

Trash everywhere!

I was going to write a lengthy post about how much waste people produce and steps to reduce it, but I don’t think most people bother. Key words are re-use, and re-cycle. Photo is taken at Klemetsrudanlegget where they recycle waste and produce more or less clean energy. Funky smell. The blue bags are filled with plastic while the fully green ones have organic stuff inside. The other ones have plenty of other stuff inside.

Transferring VHS tapes

Doing some work for a previous employer where I transfer old VHS tapes (and other formats) to harddrive, USB, or even DVDs. Can’t believe people still care for DVDs, but it’s generally the elderly population who doesn’t know what a USB-drive is or how to operate a smart phone. The extra money is alright as I’ve gotten the┬áVHS player and cameras for free or for a very reduced price, and I don’t have any expenses doing it. The only thing is I have to wait four hours for a four hour tape to finish, and sometimes the software fucks up and I have to do all of it again. But it’s mostly waiting. The VHS in the photo has been censored to hide the identity of the client.

Food for The Golden Child

Did you ever see the movie The Golden Child with Eddie Murphy? I like the scene where the kid (SPOILER ALERT) is caged in this warehouse, and this guy offers him some porridge with blood at the bottom to make the kid un-clean or whatever. It’s been a while, so I don’t remember the details, but I remember that scene very well because I was a little boy back then and was afraid the child would eat it.

Hashtag fitness

Hashtag fitness has been (and still is) a running joke between me and some friends. I’ve been away from the gym for a little more than three weeks now because of a sprained ankle after playing a game of floor hockey, but went back today for some easy lifting just to test how my ankle was doing. It went surprisingly well! Good to be back. I hate the rowing machine though and only do it for a maximum of ten minutes as a┬áwarm-up. Shot with my glorious Honor 7.

My Spotify workout list for the interested.

Free shit giveaway

I’m trying to get rid of stuff I rarely use or stuff I try to stop using. Like this coffee machine that produces a little bit of plastic waste for every single coffee cup I drink. In recent years I’ve become more aware of the amount of trash I produce, and I’m trying to live a more minimalistic lifestyle. Not saying I’ll completely get rid of everything, but at least buy less stuff I don’t need and avoid producing waste. Instead of this coffee machine I’ll buy big (preferably paper) bags of whole beans I grind up and put into┬ámy stove-top espresso maker. Not only is it better for the environment, but it feels much more like a craft and higher quality.

I usually put everyting up on┬áfor a reasonable price if it’s sorta valuable, and other stuff I’ll give away for free if people come pick it up. But I find that stuff goes a lot faster if the photo is nice. That’s why I put a little bit (but not too much) effort into photographing my things. Lighting here is spot lights from the ceiling.

Subway line 3 to Montebello

Collapsed on the bed after I got home from work today. Pushed myself to go outside just before midnight to try some long shutter speeds at this trail nearby. Eerie feeling to walk around with no lights on. The horizontal streaks of lights are from the subway crossing a bridge above. This is a 240s exposure @ 3200 ISO and f/2.8. I recently bought a ND1000-filter that would be useless tonight, but will play with it later.