Bus for train


So I got to the train station in time (working at Holmestrand again), but there is maintenance work going on on the rail tracks, so part of the journey will be by buses instead of the train. No worries, except the buses don’t correspond with the trains, and I had to wait an extra fifteen minutes at a random station. Got to work fifteen minutes late. :/ Photo is from inside bus looking out into the rainy gray autumn landscape.

Lysaker station waiting room


Waiting for the train like a champ at Lysaker. Working in Holmestrand today, and I get there by train. Fridays are allright as I get plenty of time to buy a ticket and maybe a coffee. Saturdays are different as the earliest bus leaving from home gets to the station only five minutes before the train departure. I’ve reached it every single time, but if the bus is late for whatever reason, I miss my train and miss work by an hour.

Shameless gym selfie


It’s been a month since I sprained my ankle playing floor hockey, so I’ve just gotten back to working out. My ankle is still a little bit swollen, but it doesn’t hurt to put any weight on it. Doing deep squats is a nice way to spend your Sunday, but make sure you post in on social media to prove it! 😉 (For those wondering, I was doing 5×5 of 75 kilos.)



My buddy was “kicked out” of the apartment by his girlfriend and had take their three kids to spend the night with his mother-in-law who just so happened to be my neighbor. The girlfriend was having grown-up fun with her gang while me and my buddy got some nice kebab and played some classic Starcraft Broodwar after the kids had fallen asleep. Good times.